Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters - Gatefold DLP

Limited edition re-issue on gatefold grey double vinyl. Vinyl labels include unseen pictures of the 3 band members!  

Ved Buens Ende existed for some years in the mid nineties and besides one demo the album “Written in waters…” was their only weapon of choice. A stand-alone classic and absolute unique album, not only due to the unusual mix of jazz influenced sections and aggressive black metal blast beats and vocals. Crafted by masterminds Carl-Michael Eide (Virus, Aura Noir,etc), Skoll (Arcturus,Ulver) and Vicotnik (Dodheimsgard a.o.) “Written in waters…” is considered an absolute classic from back in the Norwegian days.


1. I Sang For The Swans
2. You, That May Wither
3. It’s Magic
4. Den Saakaldte
5. Carrier Of Wounds
6. Coiled In Wings
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Remembrance Of Things Past To Swarm Deserted Away


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Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters - Gatefold DLP