Bloody Sign - Explosion of Elements - LP

Second full length album from these French Death Metal maniacs. Technical yet raw and dark death. A culmination of many influences can be heard on this nine song record and of those the obvious standouts are the unholy trinity that is MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and IMMOLATION, but BLOODY SIGN has an original touch of their own which you just need to experience. Definitely one of the most interesting bands in Europe right now.(Blood Harvest)


1.Sepents's Sky Secrets     
2.Ghost Riders     
3.Alone and Bored     
4.Crushing the Master Tree     
5.Iron Genesis     
6.Winds of Vengeance     
7.Wrath Omen     
8.Apocalyptic Warriors (Massacra cover)     
9.Uncontrolled (and Free of Will)     

Total playing time: 44:58 minutes


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