Sekhmet - Opus Zrůdy - CD

" We've always had a soft spot for Black Metal from the former Eastern Block countries and Sekhmet from the Czech Republic are no exception. Mixing many influences from within the vast fabric of Black Metal's history including the first wave of 80's Black Metal,Norwegian Black Metal and of course the obscure magic of their fellow countrymen Master's Hammer which is most evident in the bands lyrics being in their mother tongue.A limited vinyl version will follow later this year so for now make do with the CD version with 12 page booklet." (Aphelion Productions)


01. Intro
02. Nástroje Bolesti
03. Čas Poselství
04. Poprava
05. Opus Zrůdy
06. Pochmůrnost Vlastní Slepoty
07. Legie Vítězství
08. Píseň Války
09. Dějiny Nenávisti
10. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)

Total playing time: 53:15 minutes


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Sekhmet - Opus Zrůdy - CD