Armagedda - Volkermord (The Appearance) - CD

"Volkermord - The Appearance is the definite remembrance to the early days of the spells made notorious by Swedish emperors later known as ARMAGEDDA. The release also contains the rehearsal - 01 session, which was praised by the band to be one of their strongest works ever. Don’t miss the chance to get this limited edition of harsh & primitive Scandinavian “SVARTMETALL”!" (NVP)

Tracks 08-09 taken from Rehearsal - 2001
Tracks 10-11 - previously unreleased


1. Voices Of Death
2. Dödsnatten
3. Volkermord Pt I
4. Volkermord Pt II
5. Mordinstinkt
6. Kristi Barn
7. Dräparfärd
8. Find Strength Through Satan's Power
9. Endless Fields Of Sorrow
10. Oändligt Fruktbar Mystik
11. Dimvålnander

Total playing time: 43:30

Total playing time: 43:30


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