Eternity - Pestiferous Hymns - Rev. I-I-XXXIII - LP

Vinyl version of Eternity’s third full length album, entitled “Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII”.
Although the Band has added a few new elements to their music, Eternity are still sticking to with
what they began 18 years ago,celebrating nothing else than Blackest Metal.

The album was mixed and mastered at the "Temple of Disharmony" by A.O.D.
and features some guest appearances by Drakh (Katharsis),Nocturnus Horrendus (Corpus Christii)
and V-Kaos. The cover art was crafted by Saint John (
- black vinyl (lim. 400)
- red vinyl (lim. 100)
- all copies come with an A2 sized Poster 


1. Down to the southern Abyss         
2. Temple of Flesh 1000 Suns                  
4....of Satan's Blood 
5. Reborn through the Flame (Against the Creation)           
6. Waiting in the Abyss                     
7. Black Clouds on a psychic Horizon        

Total playing time: 45:45 minutes


Eternity - Down to the southern Abyss by W.T.C. Productions



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