Corpus Christii - The Fire God - CD

"Re-release of the long sold out CC’s second album. Originally released by Hiberica on Digipack format in 2001 and was sold out in a few months. Now is available again with new layout and bonus tracks from the also long time sold out “master of…” 7” Ep originally released by Drakkar Prod. Back in 2002 and like the original version incl. the Mayhem’s cover version “Buried by Time and Dust” with the special participation of Necrobutcher on the Bass. You can except nothing that true underground Black metal in all its violence and perversion." (Sadolust Records)


01. Victory
02. The Burning
03. Penetrator
04. The Fire God
05. Lusitânia (de Orgulho e Honra)
06. Ultra Sonic Violence
07. Lost Curse of Human Decay
08. Reflex of Nothingness
09. Buried by Time and Dust (Special guest: Necrobutcher)

+Bonus Tracks:

10. Kidnapped,Raped and Murdered (For Satan)
11. Piercing the Eyes of the Necro-Whore


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