Doomed - Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell - CD

"Doomed consisted of Chris and Danny from Autopsy along with the Boogieman on vocals. The CD contains both 7" EP's they released (for Peaceville collector's club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. All tracks appear on CD for the first time. Fans of Autopsy/Abscess should not miss this great collection of filthy punk fuelled death!"

Combination of both EPs plus a live track.


01. Haematomania
02. Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell
03. Witches
04. Twelve Prophecies
05. Broken
06. Remove the Dead Bodies
07. As the Bodies Decay
08. Kill Me or I'll Kill Myself
09. Straight Up
10. Witches (Live)


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