Necrobutcher - Schizophrenic Noisy Torment - LP

"Necrobutcher are among the many legendary bands that emerged in the late 1980’s and gave birth to a primitive strain of Black Metal that is unique to Brazil.  This LP collects all of the existing output from this band whose approach deviated considerably in certain ways from more iconic Brazilian Death Metal bands. Both of the demos as well as the rehearsal recordings featured here were recorded in 1989.  Necrobutcher adhered to no particularly discernible set of rules. Their sound is rugged and blown out. Their songwriting lies predominantly in the space between Death Metal and Grindcore. Their imagery and lyrical content are decidedly blackened and blasphemous. Few of their songs extend beyond the one-minute mark with many clocking in at 30 seconds or less. Indeed, the only long track in their catalog is their cover of Sarcofago’s “Nightmare.” Most of Necrobutcher’s demo material is fast and violent. The guitars are brittle and wretched. The rhythm section is furious and out of control. Vocals, like distorted howls, saturate the sound when present. Brought together, the effect is alcoholic and unholy. Words do little to convey the effect of these demo and rehearsal recordings. Necrobutcher’s music is about sensory destruction and, as such, must be felt to be appreciated." (NWN!)

Black vinyl, Gatefold jacket, A2 poster and zine booklet.


01. Christ Psychic Butchery
02. Hell
03. Cerebral Disturbance
04. Schizophrenic Christianity
05. Noise Vomiters
06. Death To Posers
07. No Thrash
08. Mrs. Death
09. Abomination of God
10. Anthropophoby
11. Inhuman Capitalist Christ
12. Bullshit Infestation
13. Brutal Diarrhoea
14. Verminal Eructation
15. Slow Cremation
16. N.P.N.S.
17. Intestinal Polution
18. Schizophrenic Christianity
19. Proliferation of Diseases
20. Encephalic on Cogeness
21. Proclivity to the Exploitation
22. Blood Vomit
23. Nightmare (Sarcófago cover)
24. Satanas (Sarcófago cover)
25. Cerebral Disturbance
26. Hell
27. Abomination of God
28. Incubus
29. Noise Vomitors
30. Death To Posers
31. Mrs. Death
32. H.C.M. (Hardcore Metal)
33. Massacre
34. No Thrash
35. Fuckin the Holy Virgin
36. Necrobutcher
37. Que Grande Merda
38. Nuclear Consequences
39. Instrumental
40. Imundas Religiões
41. The Mind of a Cut-Throat
42. Religious Exterminator
43. War Remembrances
44. H.C.M. (noise version)

Total playing time: 44:31 minutes


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