Darkest Oath - Libations to the Ancient Goat - CD

Compilation-CD featuring the "Paradise Of The Infernal Torment" 7’ep, Promo tape '96 and the most rare and unreleased dark spells of Darkest Oath...


01. Ceremonial Whisper of the Ancient Goat
02. Visions Through My Infernal Dreams
03. Animus et Corpus
04. Silent Pagan Nights
05. Lady of Evil Sorcery
06. Black Metal Cult
07. Zoi En Tafo
08. Necromancy
09. Deathwish     
10. Moonlight in My Eyes     
11. Cremation (King Diamond cover)
12. Throne of Rising Sadness
13. Blood Makes Her Smile Bright
14. Grave Painting the Perfect Spell


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