Triumph, Genus - Vsehorovnost Je Porazkou Prevysujicich - CD

"What the Czech black metal scene may lack in quantity, it certainly makes up for it in the quality of bands, and newcomer TRIUMPH, GENUS is no different in this regard. A duo of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Svar and vocalist/lyricist Jaroslav, now TRIUMPH, GENUS present their full-length debut, V¨ehorovnost je porá¸kou převy¨ujících.A fully realized work, V¨ehorovnost je porá¸kou převy¨ujících honors the ancient darkness of early '90s black metal, but equally in the East and South as it was in the North. Its seven time-defying/warping compositions pulse with grimness and boundless darkness, deftly winding their way through myriad abysses; the rich, full-bodied recording amplifies the multi-hued obsidian on which each song is built.Its maw open wide, V¨ehorovnost je porá¸kou převy¨ujících is a portal to the beyond...will you enter?" (Nathan T. Birk)



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