Hatespawn - Abyssic Conquerors - LP

Gatefold cover, printed innersleeve and poster

"Both kult demos of Germany´s deadliest on a great looking vinyl version black magic DEATH METAL...archaic, morbid & sinister."Abyssic Conquerors" exactly evokes the same atmosphere as back in the days when Death Metal still was dangerous, dark, merciless and not just a mass-entertainment This one comes from Hell!" / Sepulchral Voice


"Ascent from the Kingdom Below" Demo
01. Exterminate the Altar of Lies / Death Cult
02. Abyssic Conquerors
03. Prayers of Hell (Acheron Cover)
04. Visions - Ascent from the Kingdom Below
05. Alliance of the Unholy Trinity
06. Sinister Litanies...

"Blasphemous Redeemer" Demo
07. Anno Armageddon
08. Nocturn - The Word That Turns Flesh into Light
09. Reign ov Serpent, Wolve & Man
10. Blasphemous Redeemer - One World, One Voice, One Will
11. Procession of Sinful Ascension
12. Deus Absconitus
13. Gateways to Forgotten Depths
14. Hellspawn (Morbid Angel cover)
15. Sinister Glorification

Total playing time: 42:06 mintues


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