Shining - Through Years of Oppression - CD


1. Endless Solitude
2. Submit to Self-Destruction
3. Manipulation Session
4. Black Industrial Misery
5. Through Corridors of Oppression
6. The Claws of Perdition

Total playing time: 38:31 minutes

Tracks 1-2 are from "Submit to Selfdestruction" 7" EP.
Track 3 is an unreleased song from "Livets Ändhållplats" session.
Track 4 is a demo version of the song from "III - Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie".
Track 5 is taken from the split EP with Dolorian.
Track 6 is previously unreleased and another version of this track later appeared on "IV - The Eerie Cold".


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