Non Opus Dei - Eternal Circle - LP

"Amazing new album release NON OPUS DEI on 12" vinyl with a specially-colored" WATER FOR THE DEAD" .Transparent vinyl with reddish-golden dust . All packaged in a gatefold thick cardboard PANTONE Color printed on the reverse side rough. In addition, 44-page publication includes a mini hand-stitched booklet with a blade of dried wormwood pasted. The whole limited and numbered to only 500 copies."/ WITCHING HOUR


1. Woda dla umarłych
2. The Prisioner of the Worlds
3. Demon Nietzschego
4. Dark Nebula
5. Przystrojona słońcem
6. Death Hussar Legions
7. Point Zero
8. Galaxy in Her
9. Until the Wheel Stops

Total playing time: 31:50 minutes

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