Ill Omen - Compendium Melificarum - CD

Track 1: Demo 2013
Track 2: Split with Pestilentia 2013
Tracks 3-5: Wrath of a Thousand Suns demo 2013
Tracks 6-11: Spear of Salvation demo 2010
Track 12: Rehearsal 29.2.12
Tracks 13-15: Live at the Devil’s Arcana 31.3.12


1.Radiant Behest of Excessum         
2.Insidious Talons of Aeshma         
3.Wrath of a Thousand Suns          
4.Abomination of Flesh         
5.Beneath the Columns          
6.Bury Eden     
8.Spear of Salvation     
9.Caverns of the Earth         
10.Sanctus Matris Morbus         
11.Adorned in Garments of Pestilence         
12.Sentinels Beneath A Heaving Earth         
13.Wrath of a Thousand Suns          
14.Gnosis - Live     
15.The Return of Darkness and Evil (Bathory cover)         
78:10 minutes


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