Eternum - The Devouring Descent - CD

The titans of ETERNUM return with their 3rd full-length album 'The Devouring Descent', delving deeper into their own blend of reminiscent, archaic atmosphere that calls out to the ancient blood which resides in so few.From skeletal/subtle acoustic movements akin to falling ashes from the sky and downwards upon a blood stained battlefield, onwards to epic, medieval, barbaric and triumphant Black Metal war! This album furthers the bands hold on the mid 90's Black Metal sound and forge of the underground ideals while still pursuing their own destiny upon thunderous, forgotten sands...

Re-mastered re-issue via Blut&EisenProd.


1. When Shadows End
2. Echoes of a Fading Dawn
3. As Stone Turns to Thunderous Sands
4. Heretics of Might
5. The Falling of Silent Ashes
6. Beneath a Pale Sun
7. Arisen from Ruin (Ode to a Devouring War)

Total playing time: 59:09 minutes


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