Nargaroth - Era of Threnody - CD

Era of Threnody burns with rage and repose - a war cry from a battlefield long forgotten, a remembrance of sorrows past, present, and future. Across its 65-minute landscape, the 10 songs which comprise Era of Threnody paint a portrait of NARGAROTH at its most dynamic: nearly every unique era of the band is represented, but executed with a startling sense of professionalism. But let it be known that "professionalism" in no way should be conflated with mainstream ambitions, for this is still pure 'n' pristine BLACK METAL in all its monochromatic grandeur. More accurately, perhaps, Era of Threnody is the sound of NARGAROTH at the height of its powers, well rested from the studio hiatus and eager 'n' emboldened by an upcoming European tour with Absu and Hate. The time of reckoning is at hand, and it is indeed the Era of Threnody! - Inter Arma Productions


01. Dawn of Epiphany      
02. Whither Goest Thou      
03. Conjuction Underneath the Alpha Weel          
04. Orphans Drifting in a Desert Night    
05. The Agony of a Dying Phoenix      
06. Epicedium to a Broken Dream    
07. Love Is a Dog from Hell      
08. Era of Threnody          
09. TXFO           
10. My Eternal Grief, Anguish Neverending



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