Deathhammer - Phantom Knights - LP

"HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present DEATHHAMMER's classic debut album, Phantom Knights, on vinyl LP format for the first time ever. Originally released in 2010, Phantom Knights was the highly anticipated first full-length strike from a duo of young Norwegians barely out of high school. DEATHHAMMER had established that anticipation with a clutch of demos that proved that the ancient magick of blackthrash was far from dead; with Phantom Knights, however, they resuscitated it completely! Like some strange, seamlessly authentic time-warp from the days when Sodom and especially Destruction were releasing their respective, undeniably classic debut EPs, the onward thrust-and-crush of Phantom Knights is all hysteric, high-speed energy: utterly bewitching, absolutely addicting, and impossible to deny. One of the hottest underground metal bands currently going, hear the beginnings of the DEATHHAMMER legend here!"

Available on beer/blue/orange "tri-colored" vinyl and traditional black vinyl.



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coloured (+1,00 EUR)