Nefandus - Death Holy Death - LP

13 years after the release of “The Nightwinds Carried Our Names”, Belfagor (Ofermod) and Ushatar (Sargatanas Reign, The Legion) teamed up again to create the Band’s second full length album “Death Holy Death”, which definitely became a sinister masterpiece, be it musical or lyric wise.Therefore the World Terror Committee is proud to present the vinyl version of “Death Holy Death”.

Vinyl details:
- Thick cardboard Gatefold cover
- printed inner sleeve
- 180 gr. Vinyl

Track list:

1. Twofold Star of Saturnalia Solstice  
2. Behind the Red Lotus  
3. Death Holy Death      
4. Alike God  
5. Theli - Opposer of life  
6. Ama Lilith Opening Her Womb      
7. Samaelic Madness Code      
8. Malach Ha-Maveth

Nefandus - Behind The Red Lotus by W.T.C. Productions


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Nefandus - Death Holy Death - LP

Nefandus - Death Holy Death - LP