Wintermoon - Old Spirit of Polar Night - Digipak CD

WINTERMOON  is a Finnish band formed by members of IMPALED NAZARENE and BARATHRUM. "Old Spirit Of Polar Night" is a compilation of 4 old re-recorded songs (from 1995 demos and split with Wanderer) one unreleased track and the 3 songs of the "Herää Henkiin Vanhat Juuret" Ep. This masterpiece represents the manifesto of the best of the entire Finnish scene. 8 tracks of Nordic Black Metal really impressive, melodic, dark, full of deep feelings and catchy atmospheres.

Limited edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digipak with spot gloss UV logos.Tracklist


1.Wind Through the Battle of Souls     
2.Night So Cryptic Is All Mine    
4.Our Once Proud Northern Land         
5.In Silence of Nightfall     
6.Wanha harmaja          
7.Polaarisen yön henki     
8.Veren loitsu    


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