Nocturnal Breed - We Only Came For The Violence - CD

01 Iron Winter (Intro)
02 Choke on Blood
03 Nekrohagel
04 We Only Came for the Violence
05 Frozen to the Cross
06 Desecrator
07 Cannibalized by Fear (Intro)
08 Sharks of the Wehrmacht
09 Limbs of Gehenna
10 War-Metal Engine
11 Can't Hold Back the Night
12 Bless the Whore
13 A Million Miles of Trench
Recorded at FIAS Co.Productions February 9th - March 1st 2019
Engineered by Sverre Slobrock Dhli
Produced by Nocturnal Breed & Sverre Slobrock Dhli
Additional recordings and FX, Produced and recorded at Necrolab Studio 2003 - 2019
Engineered by S.A Destroyer
Mixed at FIAS Co. Productions March 10th - March 31st
Engineered by Sverre Slobrock Dhli
Mastered at Vektor Facilities April 1st - April 9th
Engineered by Kjetil Ottersen
Front cover original drawing by Maggotmeister/All Things Rotten
Inspired by Hugo Lederer's statue 'Das Schicksal' 
Photo by Espen Krukhaug
Booklet logos & drawings by S.A. Destroyer
Backing vocals on track 3, 10, 12 by Ravn Courtesy of 1349
Keys & Synth by Sverre Slobrock Dhli, Courtesy of Audiopain
Aditional vocals on "Limbs of Gehenna" by Ravn
Guest solo on "Frozen to the Cross" by Tommy Jacobsen - Courtesy of Sovereign
This entire album was written and created during February 2019
Exept; War-Metal Engine 2003, And parts of We Only Came For The Violence 2017
& Sharks Of The Wehrmacht 2017
Band Lineup
S.A.Destroyer                   Vocal, Bass
T.Terror                             Drums
V.Fineideath                     Rhythm, Main & Clean Guitar
I.Maztor                             Lead Guitar


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