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Sargeist / Serpent Noir - Transcendental Black Magic - G-LP
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Sargeist / Serpent Noir - Transcendental Black Magic - G-LP

Hersteller: W.T.C. Productions
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W.T.C.Productions proudly present the vinyl version of "Transcendental Black Magic", a collaborational work of Serpent Noir & Sargeist, coming as Gatefold LP, incl. Inlay. 250 copies come with black vinyl and red splatter and the rest with plain black vinyl.

Serpent Noir's Yiannis, who is responsible for all lyrics on "Transcendental Black Magic" comments as follows:

This is a collaboration between Serpent Noir and our diabolic Finnish comrades Sargeist. This split, entitled Transcendental Black Magic, has both its lyrical and musical content working as a whole to express the great Untold and the great Unseen. The Red Dragon. For this reason, I proposed to pen all the lyrics for both bands: There are seven tracks in total dealing with life changing events that occurred during the last two years on a physical, metaphysical and magical level: all emanating as different but interwoven revelations of the Dark Powers that govern the existence of a magician. This is NOT a superficial display of nonsense words put together coming from showy ‘’occult’’  literature, but direct experiences emerging  through the life motto Visio - Vires- Actio. A motto which leads on many levels to a life out of the zone of comfort, away from the living swamps of the rotten metamodern world we live in.

Music wise, Sargeist deliver their darkest and most musical material to date without lacking in traditional black metal purity. Being myself a fan of their amazing latest full length Unbound which concludes to a unique piece of fiery  Black Metal, I can only say that in this split they are taking it a step further. Utmost Black Metal darkness and top level musicianship.

Regarding Serpent Noir’s material, we have put our souls in it. We hold nothing back. As always, we present again something different which, however, essentially resumes what Black Metal is about. For those that will listen carefully to this collaboration, there is a good deal of twist to discover.
Posers, dis-believers, pseudo occultists and  wanking philosophers FUCK OFF!

Yiannis K.  1/1/2022

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Sargeist / Serpent Noir - Transcendental Black Magic - G-LP
Sargeist / Serpent Noir - Transcendental Black Magic - G-LP

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