Disfigured Dead - Visions of Death - CD

Disfigured Dead - Visions of Death - CD
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Disfigured Dead - Visions of Death - CD
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"Scream Bloody Gore!! An asset of old fashion Death Metal torn from the grave while intoxicated on genre pioneering masterpieces like "Severed Survival", "Horrified", "Into the Grave" and "Scream Bloody Gore". Prepare for memorable & heavy tracks of utter horror, pain, gore & death sure to satisfy all deathheads who have the guts to listen.

FOR DIE HARDS OF: Repulsion, Death, Autopsy, Grave"
(Hells Headbangers)


01. Beyond the Darkness
02. The Gates of Hell
03. Screamatorium
04. Mentally Mutilated
05. Welcome to the Morgue
06. The Act of an Unsound Mind
07. Dead But Walking
08. Trapped Between Worlds
09. Visions of Death
10. They Hear Your Heart Beating
11. Possessed Dead
12. Eternally Entombed

Total playing time: 50:48

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