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Fester - The Commitments That Shattered 1991-1992 - CD
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Fester - The Commitments That Shattered 1991-1992 - CD

Manufacturer: Kyrck Productions
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"One of Norway’s most ancient bands, Fester with 2 legendary demos in 1991-1992 for the first time available. Black/Death in the vein of Darkthrone’s Soulside Journey with very unique sound that signed them with No Fashion records in 1992. Comes with lots of liner notes from the band about stories of that time/fotos and as cd bonus 3 tracks from the first death metal gig in Norway in 1991. Cd comes with 12 page booklet." (Kyrck Productions)


1. When Darkness Confirms
2. Persecution
3. Senses Are The True You
4. A Dogfight Leaves a Trace
5. Laughing Insanity
6. Deceitful Religion Dispute
7. I Hate You!
8. Visions Of The Macabre
9. The Commitments That Shattered
10. The Extacy
11. Entering...
12. A Dogfight Leaves a Trace
13. When Darkness Confirms (Live)
14. Laughing Insanity (Live)
15. One Size Fits All (Live)

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