Above Aurora - Path to Ruin - LP

Above Aurora - Path to Ruin - LP
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Limited vinyl edition of 250 copies. 45rpm 12"MLP on black vinyl. Standard outer sleeve plus 30x30 insert. 

The new mini-album following up on Above Aurora’s debut album, “Onwards Desolation”, released in 2016. Three tracks of hypnotic dark black metal recommended for fans of Mgła and Funeral Mist.

“Path to Ruin” was born towards the end of 2017 in Reykjavik, Iceland at Studio Emissary (known for works by Svartidauði, Slidhr, Myrkr among others). Mixing and mastering was completed by Icelandic black metal guru Stephen Lockhart.

Vocalist and guitarist, V, comments: “Path to Ruin” is continuing the pessimistic vision of the previous album. We are treading the previously chosen path of dissonance, mid and slow tempos, along with the moderately selected sounds in a slightly different form.”

1. Delusional Disorder
2. Abyssal Hades
3. Path to Ruin

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