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The True Werwolf / Druadan Forest - Split - CD
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The True Werwolf / Druadan Forest - Split - CD

Hersteller: Werewolf Records
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CD comes with an 8-page booklet, ships now!

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present a special split CD between THE TRUE WERWOLF and DRUADAN FOREST. Comprising two 20-plus-minute tracks, this split CD features exclusive material by both projects. As such, it's a melancholic plunge into an ancient past far, far removed from modernity. Completely synth-driven, these two epic-length compositions evoke cobwebbed castles and misty moors, wandering spirits floating between both under a moonlit sky. Many will brand this split with the revisionist term "dungeon synth," but that is not the intention of THE TRUE WERWOLF nor DRUADAN FOREST: not disrespecting the origins of that sound, but both creators - whose roots jointly stretch back decades - seek to invoke the plaintive, nostalgia-steeped black metal intros/instrumentals of the too-long-forgotten 1990s. Back then, "dungeon synth" did not exist; it simply was, neglected by nearly all. Now, with this split CD, THE TRUE WERWOLF and DRUADAN FOREST reclaim the past and bring it into the present, which somehow sounds even more ancient here. And the spirits stir...


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