Altarage - The Approaching Roar - Gatefold LP

Altarage - The Approaching Roar - Gatefold LP
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12" black vinyl (33 rpm) in gatefold. First pressing 300 copies worldwide.

ALTARAGE deliver exactly what the underground buzz around them promised. Their third full-length, 'The Approaching Roar' is bristling with black and dissonant death metal fury that immediately evokes a plethora of sinister images in the brain. Their relentless soul-crushing sound is sending the scared mind on overdrive. 'The Approaching Roar', in the band's own words, calls the doom inhabitants to reach a whole nothing. Welcome to this new dimension of sonic darkness.

Side A
Sighting / Knowledge / Urn / Hieroglyphic Certainty / Cyclopean Clash

Side B
Inhabitant / Chaworos Sephelln / Werbuild / Engineer

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