Principality of Hell - Fire & Brimstone - LP

Principality of Hell - Fire & Brimstone - LP
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Limited vinyl version of Principality of Hell's debut album Fire & Brimstone.

Description: Do you feel Fire & Brimstone? That's the sound of PRINCIPALITY OF HELL's debut album, burning with power from Hell and emitting sacrilegious smoke. It's an album that has one - and ONLY one - aim: to revive the old black/thrash spirit of the early/mid '80s, when legends like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sodom,  and Voivod stalked the earth. On paper, it sounds like an idea that's been wrung dry, but it's an idea that takes on especial gravitas coming from black metal scene veterans - namely Greece's legendary The Magus, who's wielded wide influence upon the black metal scene since the early '90s with Necromantia and Thou Art Lord. Joining him here on PRINCIPALITY OF HELL's Fire & Brimstone are fellow conspirators El (Soulskinner, Thou Art Lord) and J. Maelstrom (Ravencult, Thou Art Lord), and together they create a rowdy, galloping ride through blackthrash's darkest past. And yet, each song (including a classic early Exodus cover on the CD version, and a cover of Slayer's "Tormentor" on the vinyl version) remains varied from the next, with each deadly strike lodging immediately within the cranium. With Fire & Brimstone, expect no more or no less: PURE FUCKING BLACK METAL the old-school way!


01. Fire & Brimstone
02. Codex Inferno
03. The Bleeding Nun
04. We ride at Night
05. Leviathan
06. The Witches’ Coven
07. Hellfire Legions
08. The 9th Seal
09. The Hand of the Hangman
10.Tormentor (SLAYER cover)

Principality of Hell - Fire & Brimstone - LP

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